Jane's Hamster Calendar 2002
Jane's Hamster Calendar 2002
Jane's Hamster Calendar 2002
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This site is dedicated to the memory of

Jane The Hamster
April 2001--September 2003
November 2001--August 2002
November 2001--October 2003

May they all be happy on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge

Time for the 2004 Hamster Calendar

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The Hamster! Pinball Game

Hamster! screenshot

Finally, a hamster game that lets you Be A Hamster... albeit in the form of a shiny metal ball. Sporting both a Pelhamina and a "fully pouched" Jane The H., this pinball game is on my special pinball website -- just click the image above to go there!

Click below to visit my Siberian Winter White dwarf hamsters:

The Pelham & Grenville Pages

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